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  The Methodist Church

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The Methodist Church is the fourth largest Christian Church in Britain, after the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches and the Church of Scotland. It has more than six thousand churches and a total membership of approximately 330 000 people. There are Methodist Churches in nearly every country in the world and global membership numbers some 70 million people.

The Methodist Church is traditionally known as non-conformist because it does not conform to the rules and authority of the established Church of England.About the Methodist Church

The Methodist Church is one of the largest Christian churches serving Great Britain, with nearly 241,000 members and regular contact with over 580,000 people. It has 5,237 churches in Great Britain, and also maintains links with other Methodist churches totalling a worldwide membership of 70 million. Its activities, both alone and with ecumenical and secular partners, are based on four aims known as Our Calling: 
�   To increase awareness of God's presence and to celebrate God's love 
�   To help people to grow and learn as Christians through mutual support and care 
�   To be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice 
�   To make more followers of Jesus Christ.


We are a Church that caters for all walks of life but at the centre of all we do is the service of Holy Communion (Eucharist).  We have mainly traditional worship in the mornings but becoming increasingly popular are the non-trad services we have on Sunday nights.

We are an open and inclusive church, all are welcome and we mean all!  Our slogan is 'You're always welcome at Victoria'

 Sue Brown.Church Council Secretary.